The Apple with Heart's Core, Christopher Gates Foundation, and Ambassadors of Hope logos are Registered Trademarks or Trademarks of Christopher Gates. All rights Reserved.

The Apple with Heart's Core, Christopher Gates Foundation, and Ambassadors of Hope logos are Registered Trademarks or Trademarks of Christopher Gates. All rights Reserved.

The Apple with Heart's Core, Christopher Gates Foundation, and Ambassadors of Hope logos are Registered Trademarks or Trademarks of Christopher Gates. All rights Reserved.

Christopher Gates is an innovative educator that encourages youth to be creative, intuitive, and insightful thinkers by empowering them to have high expectations for success.



Director's Message

Professional Profile 

•  Florida House of Representatives Tribute: Rep. Perry Thurston Jr., District 93 (AAMS)

•  City of Ft. Lauderdale Proclamation: April 1st - CHRISTOPHER GATES DAY

•  Recognition: Governor Charlie Crist for commitment to Florida’s Public Schools

•  President Barack Obama's Volunteer Service Award

•  2015 W.K. Kellogg Foundation (Educated Kids) Grant Recipient

•  2015 National Education Association Foundation Learning & Leadership Grant

•  2015 Finalist: Florida Department of Education School-Related Employee of the Year

•  2014 Siemens We Can Change The World Challenge National Finalist

•  2014 Broward County Public Schools School-Related Employee of the Year

•  2014 Wells Fargo S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering & Math) Grant Recipient

•  2014 Broward Education Foundation Teacher Innovation Grant Award

•  2014 School-Related Employee of the Year: Broward Virtual School

•  2013 Sun Sentinel Staff of Character Award: Broward County Public Schools

•  2012 ING Unsung Heroes Award

•  2009/2010 Arthur Ashe C.I.T.Y Academy Outstanding Co-Coordinator Award

•  2009/2010 Broward County Public Schools Youth Mentoring Programs

   Outstanding Mentor of the Year - Arthur Ashe Middle

•  2008 Florida Education Association Educational Support Professional of the Year

•  2008 Florida’s Nominee: National Education Association ESP of the Year

•  2008 Finalist: Broward County Public School-Related Employee of the Year

•  2008 School-Related Employee of the Year: Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr. Middle School

•  2008 National Education Association Books Across America Library Books Award

•  2008 Broward PPA Executive Board Leadership Award

•  2007 Broward County Proclamation: December 20th - AAMS Dell TechKnow Youth Day

•  2007 City of Ft. Lauderdale Proclamation: April 21st -

   AAMS Dell TechKnow Youth Service Day

•  2006 Finalist: Florida Education Association Award for Teaching Excellence

•  2006 Disney & Youth Service America Grant Award

•  2006 Nominee: AOL@School - National Education Association Foundation Award

    for Technology Leadership

•  Scholarship: Florida Education Association ESP Award

•  Nominee: J.M Family Enterprises African-American Achievers Award 2005,07,08,09

•  The Miami Herald/ El Nuevo Herald Silver Knight Honorable Mention (Art), 1999

•  The Miami Herald/ El Nuevo Herald Dedication Award (Category: Art), 1999

•  Hialeah-Miami Lakes Nominee Award for the Miami Herald Silver Knight Award, 1999

•  John I. Smith Community Service Award 1999 (Service to residents of Miami-Dade


•  1st Place: Scholastic Art and Writing Award 1999

•  Scholarship: Dr. Floyd W. Larkin Scholarship Fund 1999

Christopher Gates inspires youth to be creative, intuitive, insightful thinkers by empowering them to have high expectations for success. With over a decade in the field of education, from Kindergarten through 12th grades, Gates has received numerous local, state, and national awards in recognition for his contributions to schools, communities, and the profession. Beyond education, he is an Author, artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and mentor.

•   Attucks Middle School, Center for Instructional Technology (C.I.T.E)/ Digital Learning  Environment Study (DLES):

Lead Educator of program implementation, curriculum development. Maintained District Demonstration Classroom which was utilized to showcase the integration of technology in the classroom for teachers, education professionals District and Statewide.


•    CITE/DLES One to One Initiative Laptop Deployment Lead Trainer:    

Developed comprehensive technology integration staff/ community development program and training model for faculty, staff, parents, and students. This deployment training was a required component of the DLES Study,  providing access to technology to students and families on a 24/7 basis.


•    Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr. Middle School, Center for Intellectually Talented Youth (C.I.T.Y)/CITY Academy Gifted Magnet Program):

Magnet Program Facilitator, implementation, curriculum development. The District’s first gifted specific program for grades 3-8.


•    Community Liaison:    

Position focuses on the purpose/s of improving communication and student achievement by promoting parent and community involvement in the education process; providing information on services available to eligible students and families; conveying information regarding school and/or district activities and procedures; and referring families to other agencies. The Liaison  also provides direct academic support to students and teachers which directly supports learning.


•   Vocational Supervisor (Developmental Disabilities):    

Management of programming and implementation of educational plan for adults with mental, developmental, and physical disabilities in preparation for future employment. Evaluated vocational instructional methodologies and strategies, Educational Plan goals, and assessed program goals and residential living.


•    Microsoft Peer Coaching Program - Broward School District Teaching and Technology Coaching Initiative (T2CI):    

Appointed as an Instructional Technology Coach in this program. This initiative was developed to provide timely, effective staff development to teachers through Peer Coaches to enrich and enhance standards-based instruction through engaged learning and technology integration.


•    Dell TechKnow Program Instructor:    

Nationwide program through Dell, Inc. This 40 hour course that teaches middle school students about computer hardware and software while taking them apart and re-building, giving them the opportunity to earn a home computer at the end of the class.


•    Synergistics Lab Administrator/ Facilitator:    

Synergistics Systems is a hands on proprietary multimedia classroom that implements math, science, and technology curriculum integration. The lab consists of 12 modules ranging from Biotechnology, Applied Physics, Cell Structure, Environmental Issues, and so much more. The Synergistics Lab at time of implementation was the first and only of it’s kind in Broward County Public Schools.


•    Career and Technology AES (Applied Educational Systems) Lab  


AES curricula utilizes integrated systems for learning that combine robust software and hardware tools with outstanding support materials. Their comprehensive programs address the many challenges encountered by educators and empower students with the latest instructional strategies.

"Every day, exploration, creativity, and innovation, are encouraged and fostered as students own their experience, discover new talents, and cultivate genius."

Awards & Recognition

Community & Professional Affiliations

The new and exciting opportunities that come from those experiences, reach beyond mediocrity and captures the heart of the learner and the very essence of learning. My approach to teaching and learning is one that captivates the inquisitive mind, and challenges it through theory, complex thinking, and experiential learning.


If we want our schools to be respected, then we too must respect the quality of what we produce in them. Homogenized approaches stifle creativity and breeds a conundrum of fallible expectations. As diversified as we are in our personalities, language, and cultures, the same diversity lends itself to the ways we think, respond, and learn.


It is time that we call attention to the fundametal restructuring that we are a community of learners, and that everyone matters. When we seize this restructuring, we will unleash the potential of children and individuals, thereby assuring their future prosperity.



•    Train the Trainer Facilitator:    

Trainer for District-wide initiatives such as Refresh Staff Development, Principals DETA (Digital Education Teacher Academy) and other curriculum integration programming. Beyond the District, Facilitation is expanded through the American Federation of Teachers and AFL-CIO through "Making Data Work For You", a faciliation that guides and equips educators with knowledge and tools to improve schools, inform instruction, and advance learning individually and collaboratively. Faciliation incorporates three obectives; Identifying what is meant by "data", understanding two different types of assessment data and their uses and limitations, how to analyze and interpret data to make informed decisions about school improvement and instruction.


•    Web Design and Interactive Media:    

Utilized web design and interactive media expertise to create and publish school, district, and student website resources. Through these medias I offered courses for students  that  combined design and technology to create personal and project-based sites that were appealing, interactive, and user friendly. The Web design courses focused on layout, html, typography, navigation, scripting, streaming video, interactive graphics, embedded resources and more.


ª    Business Partnership Liaison:    

Serve as a liaison between the school/family/community partnership program and schools, families and community; assists and supports the school/family/community partnership coordinator; enhances family involvement at schools through organized training events; assists with the implementation of and provides ongoing support to a partnership team structure and other essential components of the school/family/community partnership program.


•    Youth Mentoring Coordinator:    

Overseeing the development and implementation of the school-based youth mentoring program, which matches adult volunteer mentors with youths one-to-one. The Coordinator ensures program quality and performance related to recruiting, screening, matching, monitoring, and closing the relationship with the mentor and child, and communicates with the mentor, parent/guardian, and child throughout the relationship.


•    Volunteer Coordinator:    

Supervision and coordination of school-based volunteer activities and programs in alignment with community involvement goals. A coordinator is part of a consolidated committee that handles all community involvement activities at the school including recruitment, training, and scheduling of volunteers.


•    Riverdeep Lesson Plan Development Team:    

Team of educators across Broward at all levels (Elementary, Middle, High) combined to create and align lessons for the Broward Education Enterprise Portal (BEEP-digital resource portal for teaching and learning).


•   Grant Liaison:  

Contact and coordination of emerging and potential grant sources, while implementing and leading a cohort of colleagues in the research, development, and writing of grant proposals, and adaptive curriculum.


•    Grant Proposal and Development:    

Successfully written and implemented local, state, and national grant proposals, receiving full funding to implement innovative programs. Grants received include Disney Worldwide Outreach, Youth Service America, Foundations, ING and others.


•    Public Relations and Public Speaking:    

Skilled in public Relations and Public Speaking. Experienced Public Speaker facilitating District Magnet Showcase, Presenter: Magnet Schools of America Conference, South Florida Gifted and Advanced Learner Symposium, and conference facilitation to the public regarding Technology Integration and Closing the Achievement Gap. Experienced in writing press releases and media advisory’s, skilled in networking, organizing, and in developing/ establishing excellent business relationships resulting in Mayoral/ Governor/ State Representative Proclamations and Elected official activism.


•    Marketing, Advertising and Promotions:    

Managed, conceptualized, created, and produced innovative marketing and advertising strategies to promote/ solicit business partnerships, new student matriculation, parental involvement and awareness. Developed and directed comprehensive promotions and media campaign targeted to specific customer base.


•    Fundraising:    

Management of Initiative and Campaign fundraising. Spearheaded the solicitation and obtaining of over than $50,000 to generate funds for school/ community based activities and family programs.


•   Cyber Cafe Community Initiative:    

Community Internet Access Workshop with activities such as basic computer skills, presentation software, and online learning. These workshops were dual platform and free to the public.


•    DVD and Print Yearbook Development:    

Utilized internal resources, graphic design, and publication experience to create DVD/ Print yearbooks, drastically reducing cost and consumer pricing, resulting in affordable yearbooks for students.


Christopher A. Gates

PO Box 552289

Miami Gardens, Florida 33055

The Apple Heart's Core, Christopher Gates Foundation, and Ambassadors of Hope logos are

Registered Trademarks or Trademarks of Christopher Gates. All Rights Reserved.

Highlights of Experience 

•    Alpha Chi National College Honor Society

     (Academic Honors for the top 10% of Colleges and Universities)

•    National Honor Society - Highest Honors Member

•    Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem

•    Broward Health Kinship Cares Initiative Advisory Board

•    Broward County Public Schools Black Male Task Force Ambassador

•    National Black Child Development Institute

•    Broward County Public School Youth Mentoring Programs Mentor

•    National Education Association

•    Florida Education Association

•    American Federation of Teachers

•    Robotics & Engineering:    

School-based team developed for participation in FIRST LEGO League engineering and robotics curricula.  Through this innovative program I worked with teams of students to build NXT-G robot code robots. FIRST LEGO League (FLL) puts children in charge. Teams mix curiosity and imagination with LEGO bricks, sensors, motors, and gears to invent unique, autonomous robots capable of completing various missions. The Challenge is based on a set of real-world problems facing scientists and engineers today. It has two parts: the Robot Game and the Project.

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